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A status yellow weather warning for rain was issued yesterday for Munster, Dublin, Carlow, Kilkenny, Louth, Wexford, Wicklow and Meath, and is valid until midnight tonight, with heavy rain expected with accumulations between 30mm and 50mm possible. City Hall said the latest estimate is that between 15mm and 20mm could fall in Cork City today.

[ open on footage of wine country ]

[ dissolve to interior, corking room, as Giuseppe enters with tour group]

Giuseppe : Right this way, folks. You're now entering.. the corking room. This is where.. the final step in the bottling process happens - where we prepare all the corks for all the bottles of Brunello that you saw earlier.

Marcello : Any questions? [ a hand is raised ] Yes?

Female Tourist : I've always actually wondered about that. How do you cork the bottles?

Marcello : Excellent-a question, ma bella. As you can see, we are -asoaking all of the corks in this room right now. These three guys right here are some of the most talented cork soakers! Say hello, you all cork soakers!

[ the three cork soakers turn around and wave happily to the tour group ]

Male Tourist : Now, I'm curious - how does one become a cork soaker.

Giuseppe : As we-a like-a to say, "Cork soakers are born, not made."

Marcello : Yeah. Luigi here was simply born to soak cork! Come say hi, Luigi!

Luigi : I love-a soaking the cork! I could-a soak the cork all night long, if they let me! I want to-a soak two corks at once!

Female Tourist : So.. are all corks the same?

Marcello : No, no, no..

Cork Soaker #1 : I like-a to soak the big-a, thick-a corks!

Luigi : I like-a the long-a, skinny ones.

Cork Soaker #2 : I like-a the dark-a ones.

Giuseppe : The great-a thing about the cork soaking, is that while you are-a soaking the cork, you can also.. massage-a the grapes, until the cork is ready. [ holds up a bunch of grapes ]

Marcello : That's right.

Female Tourist : [ stumbling, on the verge of cracking up ] So, how did you learn to sork.. corks -- suck -- soak corks?

Marcello : You know, I'll never forget the first time I soaked-a cork. I was fifteen, in-a summer camp.

Female Tourist : You know, I've noticed that all the cork soakers are men. Do women make good soakers?

Giuseppe : Oh, yes! Yes! Monica, Carmella - come in here!

Marcello : Come in here.

[ Monica and Carmella enter scene ]

Giuseppe : Monica.. tell-a these-a nice-a people.. how you soak the cork.

Monica : Well, ever since I started soaking cork, I'm the most popular girl in school!

Marcello : It's-a true - men come-a from all over just to watch her soak a cork. And Grandma Carmella still-a soaking cork at age 87! I got ot say that, too!

Carmella : [ speaking with her gums ] It's crazy! Ever since I lost my teeth, people tell me I soak the cork better than ever!

Female Tourist : Wow, this soaking corks really seems like a family business. So.. does your wife like soaking.. [ laughing ] ..s-s-soaking cork?

Marcello : Well.. she used to, when we were dating. Now, not so much.

Male Tourist : Um.. could you teach me how to soak cork?

Giuseppe : You know.. when-a you walked in here.. I could-a sworn you already an expert cork soaker!

Male Tourist : [ flattered ] Thank you! I dabbled in college. Um.. but, let me ask you this - do you ever run out of corks to soak?

Marcello : Oh, yeah, I'll never forget this one that was unusually large. And I thought Giuseppe would need extra cork.

Giuseppe : And I thought Marcello would need more corks.

Marcello : So we soaked-a each other's corks at the same time! [ to Giuseppe ] Do you remember that?

Giuseppe : Can you imagine that? Me-a soaking his cork.. while-a he soaked mine ?

Marcello : Oh, boy!

Giuseppe : What year was that?

Marcello : The year we soaked each other's corks?

Giuseppe : Yes.

Marcello : That-a was, what.. that was like, sixty.. late 60's, right?

Giuseppe : Yes.

Marcello : Sixty.. eight?

Giuseppe : I-a wanted to say.. 70.

Marcello : No.. you sure it wasn't one earlier than that?

Giuseppe : It was sometime or other..

Marcello : Let's just say between 68 and 70, alright?

Female Tourist : This is all really so fascinating. So, do you think that one of you could teach me how to soak.. soak.. [ laughing ] ..s-s-soak corks?

[ the cork soakers cheer excitedly, each rallying to be the one to teach the beautfiul tourist the art of their craft ]

Giuseppe : Oh, I'm sorry. Come with me, ma bella. I will let you soak-a my cork as long as you like!

[ they depart from the group ]

Marcello : Cheers! Cheers!

[ fade ]

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I feel like a lot of these comments are truly negative. Plain? Frankly if she were a supermodel, we’d all be saying “Oh how typical”.(eye roll).(cough Leonardo DiCaprio anyone?) Age appropriate? Please….how many Hollywood actors do you see everyday dating women/girls YEARS and YEARS younger than they are (Leonardo DiCaprio). I feel Henry has a type, and that would appear to be the healthy/athletic type, which I think is commendable, and I also appreciate that he doesn’t just stick to celebrities, he seems to date people who don’t necessarily work directly in the industry, which I think is refreshing.

Cork dating scene

Cork dating scene